Covid-19 Management

Managing Covid-19

Since the arrival of Covid-19 in New Zealand business in general has been continually bombarded with information about Alert Levels / the Traffic Light system and the need for Risk Assessments concerning the affects of Covid-19 in the workforce and their clients.

Many small businesses have simply copied the templates available for tools such as Risk Assessments from the Government webpages and from WorkSafe, and there is nothing wrong with that approach however a template is just that, it doesn't necessarily reflect the way your business runs.

As a result many small contracting companies and others are continually being required to adopt the requirements set out in their client's Safety management approach to Covid-19, this can be quite difficult and often frustrating as each company has their own book of rules on how they are managing the pandemic.

RMF Consulting can provide you with compliant / sensible / and easy to manage tools for managing the effects of Covid-19 in your workplace and also assist your business with timely / accurate information and guidance in this rapidly changing working environment. Covid-19 (SARS2) is not going to disappear it will in time become better controlled but it has changed the way in which all businesses can and now must provide their products and services.

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